Cartier - Ballon Bleu Chronograph ref.W6920074

13 800 €


Ballon Bleu Chronograph ref.W6920074

Pink Gold / Leather

Cartier's ballon bleu watch evokes a sense of liquidity. It is as if a tiny bubble has attached itself to the exterior of the watch minimizing the Roman Numeral III. Within the bubble a vibrant blue stone shimmers, within its protective case. Slightly mysterious, yet strangely powerful. The slight irregularity in the case creates a unique and beautiful timepiece.

The blue stone encased within the bubble of the crown is the blue cabochon, a signature marker for Cartier since the Pasha of Marrakesh, in the early 1930's ordered a watch from Louis Cartier that he could take swimming with him. The Cabochon in the crown made the crown more water resistant. With this signature blue, the Pasha collection was created, making a Cartier watch clearly recognizable quite a distance away.